Favorite Girl Scout Activities

July 1, 2009

Today at the ¡Vamos a Nicaragua! party, all of the girls who attend will get to eat some tasty Nicaraguan snacks, dance to Nicaraguan music and learn a little bit about the country.

Learning about Nicaragua is just half of the virtual exchange. The other half of this pathway is the chance that girls here will have to share about their lives and some of their favorite things about being a Girl Scout and then send these stories, songs and activities to Nicaragua for me to share with young girls there.

Even if you can’t attend the party tonight, you can participate! Take a moment to think about your favorite Girl Scout memories, then write them down and send them to me!

When I think about my favorite Girl Scout memories, I think about nature hikes, singing silly campfire songs, and the World Thinking Day fair.  Which of your favorite Girl Scout activities could we take to Nicaragua?

Stay tuned for an update about tonight’s party!


2 Responses to “Favorite Girl Scout Activities”

  1. Kendra said

    Hey! I heard the Vamos a Nicaragua party rocked! Can’t wait to get your updates from South America.

    • sgscnicaragua said


      I can’t wait to share the letters the Girl Scouts here wrote with the girls in Nicaragua–I think that they’ll really love the songs that we recorded at the party, too. The Girl Scouts at the party sang “Make New Friends,” “Tarzan,” “The Princess Pat,” and “Peanut Butter and Jelly.”

      Look for a new blog update soon–I’ll post as soon as I’m done packing!

      I can’t believe that I’ll be in Central America this next week!

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