September 9, 2009

Last month, when I was in Nicaragua, I shared the recording of Girl Scout songs that we made at the ¡Vamos a Nicaragua! Party. Then, the girls and boys in Nicaragua taught me many of their songs. Here are just a few that I caught on video:

The video starts with everyone saying “Good morning from Nicaragua” in English and then “Buenos dias de Nicaragua” in Spanish.

Los Pollitos is a very popular song–every kid in Nicaragua knows this song about little baby chicks.

This is a short singing game.

This one, Doña Ana No Está Aquí, is a singing game. Two girls are in the middle while everyone else holds hands and walks around them in a circle. Each verse says: Doña Ana isn’t here, what is she doing? Each time the question is asked, the answer is that she is busy doing something: brushing her hair, changing her clothes, fishing…until at the end, the last answer is: she has died. The girl in the center is Doña Ana and at the end, she has to chase the other girls until she catches one to go in the middle.

Just like here, Nicaraguan kids of all ages love to sing!

Come to the ¡Saludos de Nicaragua! Party this Thursday, September 10 and you’ll get learn some other Nicaraguan songs!


One Response to “¡Cantemos!”

  1. emily miller said

    wow i think that we can learn a lot from them!!!! we should all try and figure out how to play some of their games!!!!!

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