Nicaraguan Pen Pals

October 30, 2009

Girls who came to the ¡Saludos de Nicaragua! each got a letter from a Nicaraguan girl or boy. Some of the girls wrote letters at the party while others decided to take their letters and write more at home.

We’ll be collecting all of the letters in November so that we can send them to Nicaraguan children before they go on their summer vacation. (Summer vacation in Nicaragua is in December and January!)

If any of you would like to write a letter to a Nicaraguan kid, you can drop off your letters at the Sahuaro Girl Scout Council–just be sure that they are labeled with another piece of paper taped to the outside of the envelope: Letters for Nicaragua, Attention Kristen Curé

Be sure to send me an email and with your contact information so that I can contact you when we get letters back!

Would you like to include some Spanish in your letter?

Here are some common spanish phrases

Enjoy some images from this summer’s trip to Nicaragua!


One Response to “Nicaraguan Pen Pals”

  1. aliya said

    writing the letters was fun and seeing the stuff they do

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